This Masterclass is addressing fundraisers, communicators, executive directors from small, medium and big NGOs that are interested in digital fundraising and upgrading their donors. 


10 octombrie 2023, 9:00-16:00

Acest masterclass se va desfășura în limba engleză.


1. We’ll begin by looking at the state of Digital with hjc’s recent study,

2. We’ll look at case studies of best practice in using digital for building loyalty, finding new donors and strengthening brand, communications and fundraising together.

3. We’ll look at how staffing, skills, culture, and technical knowledge need to go hand-in-hand to create fundraising success.

4. We’ll look at how organizations combine journey mapping, data, digital and all channels to move donors from small gifts to larger ones

5. We’ll unpack what Moves management means. Why and how do you move donors to greater loyalty and giving

6. We’ll look at the concepts of Life Cycle Management, and LifeTime Value as key elements of your fundraising

7. We’ll look at how technology can create marketing automation and engagement scores to help you manage donors from small gift to large


At the end of the Masterclass you’ll be have the tools to use digital and moves management to create a fundraising program that:
1. Knows how to nurture and take care of donors over their lifetime/lifecycle with you
2. Knows how to leverage digital (and all channels) to create that lifetime experience with your organizations
3. Knows when and how to nudge donors to greater commitment – leading to major gifts and middle donor gifts