This Masterclass is addressing mainly senior fundraisers and communicators as well as executive directors and will include a maximum of 30 participants.


9 octombrie 2023, 10:00-17:00

Acest masterclass se va desfășura în limba engleză.

Donor Journey Mapping is the process of cultivating potential donors from the moment they hear about your organisation to the moment they become recurrent donors and loyal friends to your cause.

Learning objectives:

1. We’ll begin by understanding what journey mapping is and how it’s been used by nonprofits for the last 10 years to strengthen their organizations.

2. We’ll look at case studies so you better understand journey mapping and how you can use it back in your office

3.We’ll work together on your case and follow the 12 step journey mapping approach with two Romanian donor personas and their journeys

4.We’ll finish up by learning how to do journey mapping back in your office and take away a Guide Book that you can use yourself

At the end of the Masterclass, you’ll learn an approach that can lead to greater cross functional cooperation internally (making your team stronger), how use journey mapping to find the innovations/improvements and ways to keep donors on board, and you’ll learn how to better ‘stand in the shoes’ of your donor by leveraging both data and empathy together.