Acest masterclass se va desfășura în limba engleză.

In this Masterclass, Prof. Jen Shang, philanthropic psychologist, will introduce the new science of philanthropic psychology and explain why this is an opportunity to build supporter loyalty like we have never seen before.

Jen will share our latest research, real-life charity results, and practical advice to help you boost your donor’s wellbeing, and giving, in the months to come.

  • To understand the importance of your donors’ identities
  • To develop communications which help your donors increase their sense of wellbeing
  • To determine the potential impact on their wellbeing and their giving in the months to come
  • Introduction to Philanthropic Psychology
  • The importance of donor identity and wellbeing
  • Results and real-life examples
  • Q&A


This masterclass is for fundraisers, heads and directors of fundraising, staff members responsible for fundraising communications, chief executives and board members.

The Masterclass will last between 10:00 – 15:00, and it will be hapening online.
We will come back with a more detailed agenda, closer to the event.


Professor Jen Shang, PhD
Professor Jen Shang, PhD
Co-Founder and Co-Director